Catherine Palace Tour

Get back in time to Imperial Russia by visiting one of the most impressive St. Petersburg’s suburbs and its gem – Catherine Palace. Get blown away by the splendour of the Amber Room and have a leisure walk through the Catherine Park.

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Faberge Museum Tour

Shuvalov Palace is now home to the famous treasures made by Faberge, the court jeweller to the Russian Royal Family and is welcoming everyone who wants to see worlds largest collection of extremely expensive Faberge Eggs.

Faberge Museum Tour | tours | Tours In Saintpetersburg

Hermitage Museum Tour

Explore the second largest art museum in the world! Our private guide will take you to see the masterpieces of Rembrandt, Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael along with grand halls, antique sculptures, weapons, jewellery and many more.

Hermitage Museum Tour | tours | Tours In Saintpetersburg

Pavlovsk Palace Tour

Delve into the largest landscape park in Europe, which started its history as a hunting lodge and evolved into the most stylish summer residence of the Russian emperors with an elegant Pavlovsk Palace built for the Paul I, who was searching for solitude in this peaceful place.

Pavlovsk Palace Tour | tours | Tours In Saintpetersburg

Peter and Paul Fortress Tour

Birthplace of Saint Petersburg, heart of the city, unique fortification of the early eighteenth century, burial ground of the Russian Imperial family – this original citadel hides history in its walls and is a must see landmark.

Peter and Paul Fortress Tour | tours | Tours In Saintpetersburg

Peterhof Tour

Discover one of the seven wonders of Russia - splendid summer residence of the sea king Peter the Great! Also known as "The Russian Versailles" it will take your breath away with stunning Grand Cascade, fountains, ornate gardens, palaces and sea views.

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Russian Museum Tour

Home to the largest and most inclusive collection of the Russian art in the world. You’ll be able to track all main types and genres, trends and schools of the Russian art from 10th to 21th century. It is truly a place to discover Russia!

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Saint Petersburg City Tour

Start your visit with this city sightseeing tour, blend into the crowd and see St. Petersburg highlights, learn its history, secrets and myths. Explore rivers and canals, numerous bridges and take stunning photos. Get a good look at palaces, cathedrals, museums and parks.

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