3 Star Hotels

A 3-star hotel means spacious rooms, some high-class decorations and color TV as well as standard services such as breakfast buffet and credit cards services. Choose from comfy budget hotels to small stylish boutique hotels.

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4 Star Hotels

Stylish and modern or bohemian with a hint of history, 4-Star hotels in St Petersburg are much more comfortable and larger than 3-stars. They stand out by providing excellent cuisine in the Hotel restaurant, 24 hours room service, and, surely, excellent customer service.

4 Star Hotels | Accommodation | Tours In Saintpetersburg

5 Star/Luxury Hotels

Luxury has never been so imperial as in 5-star hotels in St Petersburg. Personalized guest services and attention to every detail are here to make your stay unforgettable.

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There are plenty of hostels in the center of St Petersburg, most of them offer budget options with dorm beds, but we are ready to share some low-cost gems with single/double accommodation and even private bathrooms.

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