Stay safe in Saint Petersburg

In terms of safety St. Petersburg is just any other big city – if you follow basic rules common for all destinations your stay here will be trouble-free. Here are few major risks you can face and do not fear bears in the streets – they are not the threat.

1. Pickpockets are in crowded places, public transport, bars and near tourist landmarks. Be careful in the underground and the Nevsky prospect as well as in shopping malls.
2. Traffic. Beware of intense traffic and take additional care while crossing the street.
3. Robbery and muggings are quite rare in St. Petersburg in comparison to European cities. Just use common sense and don’t display your valuables and use credit cards instead of having a lot of cash.
4. Winter. Beware of the slippery sidewalks and icicles falling from roofs. Read more about climate and weather In St. Petersburg here (
5. Taxi drivers. We advise to use phone apps for booking a taxi so you could see the sum for the trip in advance and pay with your credit card without even showing it. Most popular and trusted taxi chain is Taxovichkoff. There is also Uber and the likes however it can’t always be safe to use it.
6. Political protests. Political rallies and demonstrations can occur in so check the local media for the latest information, be vigilant, and avoid any demonstrations.
Please note that in 2018 CCTV was put in use with high-resolution cameras recognizing faces, recording biometric models and tracking movements around the city. Cameras also recognize car plates, record left items and identify the chances of emergencies.

Emergency Сall
Dial 112 from your mobile in case of fire, violence, robbery and need for medical help, it’s free. Official city’s tourist helpline number is 8-800-303-05-55. You can also call through the website
Direct numbers of emergency services to dial frommobile phones:
Fire – 101
Police – 102
Emergency medical assistance – 103
Gas – 104

Direct numbers of emergency services to dial from landline:
Fire – 01
Police – 02
Emergency medical assistance – 03
Gas – 04