Faberge Museum Tour

Shuvalov Palace once owned by two powerful aristocratic families, the Naryshkins and the Shuvalovs, opened its doors after huge restoration in 2013 as first privately owned Faberge Museum in Russia.
Totally there were only 71 Faberge eggs made with 54 of them being Imperial eggs produced for the Royal Family. Nowadays Faberge Museum has the worlds most prominent exposition of the Faberge eggs consisting of 14 Easter Eggs including 9 Imperial eggs. In addition the Museum exhibits other Carl Faberge masterpieces produced by him and his company as well as works of decorative and fine arts, including gold, silver, bronze pieces produced by other significant Russian jewellers plus exclusive collection of Russian enamel.
By using modern specifically designed exhibition techniques the Museum achieves to almost remove the barrier between the visitors and the works of art so they can be closely examined in their luxury and complexity.
As collection is displayed in the staterooms of the Shuvalov Palace you will not only enjoy the shining beauty of the world famous jewellery but will discover one of the finest St. Petersburg palaces with its Grand Staircase adorned by exquisite decorative stucco dome, tempera paintings, antique chandeliers and decorative elements made ​​of precious wood - sycamore, cork, and oak.


Hotel/your chosen destination pick-up and drop off
Transportation by a comfortable A/C car or A/C minivan
Private English speaking guide
Entrance fee


2 hours


Cover your eyes if jewels shine too brightly!


21, Fontanka River Embankment



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